Replace Your Sun Glasses and Lenses

When replacing sunglass lenses there are three different categories: the drug store type of sun glasses, the high end sun glasses, and the prescription sun glasses.

Replacing Lenses for Sun Glasses

Drug Store Sun Glasses

Throw them out. When the lenses get scratched, get rid of the glasses and buy another pair. They didn’t cost much to begin with.

High End Sun Glasses

Many high end or fashion sunglasses have replaceable lenses. They can easily be bought online. And are just as easily popped in and out of your sun glasses.

These are great for the sports enthusiast, who may need to react to different sun conditions or for the fashion maven wanting a different look on the fly.

They are easy to replace as the frames flex enough to bend and snap the lenses out. If you want to keep the replaced lens, make sure to have a safe place to store them. No, that isn’t your pocket.

Prescription Sun Glasses

This is a different animal. Because there is a prescription, getting them replaced is more like getting lenses for your eyeglasses replaced. You’ll likely have to send the frames back with a prescription. They may be able to read the prescription off the lenses themselves but it makes sense, if this isn’t your normal eye-care professional, to send a copy of the prescription, too.

If it is your normal eye-care professional they should have your prescription on file.

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