Discover Different Sunglass Lens Materials

There are five choices when deciding which sunglass lens materials to choose. They are mainly the same materials used for regular glasses but sunglasses are used differently than regular glasses.

Five Choices for Sunglass Lens Materials

Glass Lenses – The best part of glass lenses when discussing any eyeglass, not only sunglasses is its optical quality. Want to see the clearest, glass is the best. Problem is it’s heavy and no one wants heavy sunglasses.

Plastic Lenses – They’re lightweight, they take to the tint easily and they won’t break on contact what’s not to love? They do need a scratch-resistant coating. But these are the lenses for most sunglasses.

Polycarbonate Lenses – Impact resistant, thin, light and block UV rays without coating. Here’s the big issue: No tinting. You want fashion; don’t come to Poly’s home. They also should be Anti-reflective coated.

High Index Lenses – Light, thin and pretty good for prescription sunglasses, but they aren’t durable and also need Anti-reflective coating.

Trivex – All the positives of polycarbonate and can be tinted, too. An excellent choice.

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