Prescription and Non-Prescription Sunglass Lenses

Information on Prescription and Non-prescription Lenses

Finding the perfect sunglass frame is one thing. Maintaining the integrity of the lenses and making them work with you and your vision is a completely different strategy. Regardless of the brand you end up purchasing, keeping your lenses clean and scratch-free is quite difficult. And if you need prescription lenses to see better, you need to know where to go to get prescription sunglass lenses put in.

If you’re curious about sunglass lenses, what materials they’re often made of, tips on how to keep them from getting scratched, and replacing sunglass lenses, then read through our informative guides on sunglass lenses. You’ll be surprised just how much there is to maintaining the integrity of your lenses.

Sunglass Lens Prescriptions

Sunglass lens prescriptions are very similar to standard eyeglass lenses. They come in varying prescriptions which are tailored to improve your impaired vision. However, selecting sunglass lenses is much different than picking traditional eyeglasses. Learn all about prescription sunglasses.

Sunglass Lens Materials

Sunglass lenses are made of varying materials. Like eyeglasses, sunglass lenses tend to be made of glass or plastics. Different materials offer different levels of protection against scratches, glare, and other elements. And when you get into prescription sunglass lenses, it’s a completely different story. Learn about different sunglass lens materials.

Sunglass Lens Care

Your sunglasses are only as good as its lenses. If your lenses are all scratched up, they’re unusable. So, the objective is to care for your sunglass lenses as best you can. If you throw around your sunglasses you’re ultimately going to destroy your lenses. Learn about proper sunglass lens care.

Replacing Sunglass Lenses

There will come the time when you’ll need to replace your sunglass lenses. It might be because they’re scratched, it could be because you have prescription lenses and your prescription changed. In either case, you need to know the right method of finding replacement sunglass lenses and getting your sunglasses back in order. Read our replacing sunglass lenses guide and learn everything you need to know.

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