How to Choose Kid’s Sunglasses

Kid’s sunglasses can look so cute on that little three-year-old sitting on the sand intently digging to China, but they’re very important, too. Excessive exposure to UV radiation is extremely harmful to children under the age of 10.

Deciding on Kid’s Sunglasses

It’s a tough decision for parents as kid’s sunglasses can be affordable, but the affordable ones may not be very good. Outfitting your child with an expensive pair of sunglasses that they’ll outgrow or destroy seems as foolhardy as giving them the keys to the Jag, but the best sunglasses offer the best protection. A tough choice to make.

The good news is that kid’s sunglasses have come a long way since every child was sporting the lemon-colored rubber sunglasses from the drugstore. There’s real style and many of the top sunglass manufacturers make stylish sunglasses for children, too. Many resemble adult styles, which may help Tom Jr. keep them on if he looks like Tom Sr. Or not. And they’re usually made of the same materials as Dad’s, too, which means a good amount of UV protection.

A good idea, especially with the younger ones, is getting them a sunglass cord. Nothing worse than seeing a pair of newly-purchased designer sunglasses for Junior mashed into the sand. A sunglass case makes sense, too.

Expensive sunglasses for kids may not make sense in the short term, but long term they are a great idea.

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