How to Buy Sunglasses Online

Think of all the places you can buy sunglasses thousands, right? Now think of how many places you can buy sunglasses online. The mind spins. How do you decide where to go? With a thousand places within a click, it is overload. We have a simple process for buying anything online and it fits perfectly for when buying sunglasses online.

The Five Rules to Buying Sunglasses Online

1.) What style do you want

As soon as you search for sunglasses dozens of sites will tumble onto your monitor. Pick one of the major sites and find the styles you want. Assume that many of the sites will have the same styles.

2.) Compare prices

There are many comparison shopping sites on the Internet pick one. Make sure when you are comparing prices that you are comparing apples and apples, not apples and kumquats.

3.) Choose Three Stores

Deaths and comparison shopping come in threes. Don’t choose by price alone; make price part of the choice along with ratings and reviews. Saving a few dollars and never seeing your sunglasses is not a savings.

4.) Dig Deeper

What happens if you need a refund? What are shipping costs? Are there any extras (sunglass case)? Do they have a Customer Service Department? Do they sell sunglasses for a living or as a sideline? How long will it take before the sunglasses arrive? Do they have a phone number and an address?

The last one is very important. If you check out customer service and it is an email address run.

5.) Familiar is Better

If all things are equal, go with the site that is familiar. If there’s one site you know and Sam’s Sunglasses go with the store you know. Sam’s might be great but why take the risk.

Buying sunglasses online is easy and who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail, but there are risks and the intelligent, careful shopper will minimize the risk and maximize the fun.

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