A Guide to Choosing Sunglasses

Sunglasses many, many years ago were intended to make it easier to see on a sunny day. They were one step above a visor. And many times as fashionable. Now, keeping the sun out is important, but not nearly as important as style. Sunglasses are all about style. Yeah, yeah, you should be able to see out of them, too. But for this discussion let’s talk about picking out the best sunglasses to fit your face and sense of style.

Choosing Sunglasses – Fit Them to Your Face

First things first, for many of us sunglasses have little to do with our eyesight. Yes, we have to be able to see out of them but our vision is not the first thing we consider when choosing sunglasses. The first thing when choosing sunglasses is the look.

Like choosing eyeglasses, to look good sunglasses must fit your face shape. We discussed this in eyeglasses, but let’s do a quick recap:

Round Face – Choose sunglasses with angles. And look for ones with thicker, wider frames at the temples.

Oval Face – You have a balanced face so keeping it in balance is important. Don’t go to extremes. Look for something not angular or sharp.

Square Face – Because your face has angles, you want to avoid them to soften your face. Look for ovals and possibly rounder styles when choosing sunglasses.

Heart Face – With a larger forehead than chin the last thing you want to do is to accentuate your forehead. Go for something rimless or semi-rimless. Metal frames that are very light should help.

Diamond Face – With the width of your cheekbones it is imperative not to choose sunglass frames wider than your cheeks.

Oblong Face – Wider frames will pull out some of the length of your face. Many times with a longer face comes a longer nose and a lower bridge may help to shorten the nose.

Very important is to make sure the glasses fit on your face. There should be a little room off your temples but also not so much room that they waggle. They shouldn’t feel heavy on your head nor should they pinch your nose. Comfort is important.

Choosing Sunglasses – Fit Them to Your Style

We can’t decide what your style is. Do you love rhinestones or leopard print? Are you uber cool and need Wayfarers? Aviators or over-sized? Do you follow the latest fashion or are you a classic?

One way to decide what style fits you best is to bring someone along when trying them out. Let them look at you and decide what looks best. Or, if you have a little extra cash, buy a couple pairs.

Choosing sunglasses should be fun. They are to protect your eyes, but they’re a fashion accessory, too.

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