Find Attractive Women’s Sunglasses

There’s no stop sign for women’s sunglasses. Everything goes and then some. Want wild colors got them. Want crazy prints got them. How about jewels got them, too. There’s almost nothing that can’t be or hasn’t been spotted on a pair of women’s sunglasses. We’ll run down a few styles.

Women’s Sunglasses - Styles


On men this is a real fashion risk, but women get away with it. Icons, like Jackie O., have used it as a signature look. Many of today’s young “icons” have pushed this style of women’s eyewear back onto the front pages again.


These generally would be considered a mid-size in the world of women’s sunglasses, but they’re another great look for women that can be made in almost any color. Want chartreuse, olive or mauve make it happen.


Big and bold, these are the fashion accessory for the woman that wants great eye protection but also great looks, too. Many times they are rimless or semi-rimless.


Where rimless sunglasses for men usually go small, for women they can be very large and square or rectangular. But some women may like a more discreet look and rimless can be bold without being brassy.


Yes, Aviators are a women’s sunglass fashion statement, too. It hasn’t been long but the “Top Gun” look looks great on women as well as the State Police.


An easy “on-the-run” style, clip-ons have their detractors, but for driving where your vision may need to be extra sharp a pair of magnetized clip-ons will do the trick.

While women’s sunglasses have become more fashion accessory than eyewear necessity, it is important to remember the function is to keep sunlight and glare from your eyes.

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