Check Out Stylish Men's Sunglasses

Men’s sunglasses have stepped up. No longer are there only two styles – wayfarers and aviators – to choose from. Men’s sunglasses have more than one agenda – killing sunlight and glare – they can be fashionable and work for the athlete, too.

Men’s Sunglasses - Styles


Ray-Ban introduced the Wayfarer in 1953 and while it slipped out of style for a few moments, it looks like it’s back to stay. Many major manufacturers have Wayfarers in Men’s Sunglasses. And not all are in black. You can get them in all colors and many prints.


Another Ray-Ban invention, the aviator with its tear-dropped shape and mirrored lenses is famous as the top choice of military and law enforcement. Anyone that’s driven a few miles–per-hour over the speed limit has likely looked up at a pair of mirrored aviators. But they aren’t for military or law enforcement anymore. How about a red-rimmed pair or one in a plastic tortoise-shell it can happen.


A fuller sunglass that says “I’m going boating.” It may not fit everyone’s style but nothing says jet-setter than a pair of shields.


Rectangular or oval, rimless sunglasses fight the Wayfarer for the top step on the “cool” podium. Add a grey tint and lighter-than-air frames and watch the stares.


Want to look like your favorite rock star? We suggest practicing your guitar chops. But if you have to have the oversized shades, then make sure you have an oblong face to match them, as that is where an oversized set of sunglasses looks best.


The movies may be over but the sunglasses live forever. May not work well with bigger men but if you are channeling your inner-Neo, go for it.

As with all sunglasses, fit and function – keeping out the sun – are primary while fashion should be secondary. However, most top drawer sunglasses for men will do both.

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