Style and Function - Fitover Sunglasses

Fitovers Eyewear™ was created in Australia to combat the intense Australian sun and are now available to consumers around the world. Fitover sunglasses can be worn over your prescription eyeglasses, but the unique wrap-around design and tinting hide your glasses from view by others. Fitovers are designed with comfort and quality in mind. They also include specialized technology to protect your eyes and enhance your vision.

Fitover Sunglasses – A Style for Everyone

Fitovers Eyewear™ offers a variety of styles and shapes. When choosing a pair, consider the shape and size of your eyeglasses and find a pair that will fit over them comfortably. Depending on the style of your glasses, you can choose from the following fitover options:

Fitover Lens Technology

Every pair of Fitovers Eyewear™ sunglasses includes the following protective features to ensure that your glasses remain flawless for years.

Fitovers Eyewear™ also offers glasses with several types of polarized lenses to further enhance your vision and increase comfort. Polarized tints include:

If you prefer to wear prescription glasses, instead of contacts, but dislike clip-on sunglasses, then Fitovers Eyewear™ sunglasses are the best choice for you. They're high-quality, durable, and fashionable.

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