How to Find Discount Oakley Sunglasses

You can find great deals on authentic Oakley sunglasses from reputable dealers if you know what to look for, and what to watch out for. Don't snap up that amazingly cheap pair until you've carefully considered the following factors:

What is the Average Price for Discount Oakley Sunglasses?

Comparing prices online is easy with the help of shopping bots and auction sites. If you find a pair you're interested in, shop around at a few other sites to get an idea of the price range. If you've found a pair that is significantly lower-priced than the same pair at other sites, you may not be buying authentic Oakleys. It's also possible that you're not buying an authentic pair if you can only find them on one site.

When Are They Available?

Sunglasses designed for a specific sport or athletic activity are generally discounted at the end of the sport's season or when a new design is introduced. You're also likely to find discounts at the end of summer, the end of winter, and after Christmas. Be very careful if you see a pair significantly marked down on just one site a few weeks before Christmas. If the style is brand new and already available at a discount, there are two likely reasons: (1) the glasses have a defect, or (2) they're fake. Either way, think carefully before buying a new design at a significant discount.

Is the Dealer Authorized?

If you don't buy Oakley sunglasses from an authorized dealer, your warranty will be void. Oakley covers manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. If the dealer only has one or two styles or pairs, they may not be authorized. Ask to see a certificate of authenticity before completing the purchase. If you've already purchased the pair and aren't sure they're authentic, you can send them to Oakley for verification. Oakley also actively investigates sellers of fake Oakleys, so you can report the dealer if you thought you were buying the real thing and received a fake.

If you're a careful shopper and don't need the latest style the week it comes out, you can find a great deal on an authentic pair of Oakley sunglasses.

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