Christian Dior Sunglasses – Here's all you need to know

A master of design, Christian Dior's classic look on the runway has made its way onto the beaches and parks anywhere people wear sunglasses.

Why Christian Dior Sunglasses

As with their runway styles, Dior sunglasses are the highest of style. But they're also the highest of quality, too. The high end shades are made of the best titanium and plastics, many times adorned with fine crystals. It's no wonder that many elites stroll the Riviera in Dior. But it's not only style or name that makes these sunglasses worth buying, but also the quality of manufacture. Made by Italian manufacturer, Safilo, one of the best manufacturers in the world of premium eyeglasses and sunglasses, Dior is found where only the best is found.

Dior sunglasses are fashion-forward and very elegant. They combine the best of Dior's original style with 21st Century design. Think metal and crystal acetate with mirror inserts and Swarovski rhinestones, in a design that imitates Venetian mirrors. Or curved sport models with roll-up temples. Dior has the colors and prints that you're looking for, too.

Christian Dior designed clothes that flattered a woman's form and their sunglasses do the same, which makes it no surprise when Hollywood figures, like J-Lo and Halle Berry sport Dior sunglasses. David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher also were spotted with Dior.

Great style and great materials makes Dior what it is today. It started with women's dresses and goes all the way to sunglasses.

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