Carrera Sunglasses – Extreme Eyewear for Extreme Athletes

Carrera has been producing high-performance, sports, and everyday sunglasses since 1956. They mainly target the European market. Carrera is owned by Safilo Group, which also owns Smith, a high-performance sunglass brand targeted at the US.

Carrera Sunglasses – A History of Performance

Carrera was first introduced in 1956 with ski goggles and glasses. They continued to expand over the years and now offer glasses and goggles for a wide range of extreme sports. The name itself is taken from an extreme sport – the Carrera Panamericana, an auto race that used to cross the entire country of Mexico.

The Safilo Group was established in 1934 as an eyewear manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality sunglasses and eyeglasses. Today, their sports lines are popular with skiers, snowboarders, bicyclists, mountain climbers, motorcross racers, and other athletes.

Carrera's High-Performance Technology

You may find that you need several pairs of Carrera sunglasses to suit both your sports and everyday needs. The Junior lines has the right fit for younger athletes without sacrificing the performance they require.

Carrera's goal is to manufacture sunglasses that meet stringent technical and design requirements. Their glasses are sleek, sporty, and stylish both on and off the mountain, track, or road. Each pair of Carrera sunglasses or goggles features some of the following performance features or materials:

A pair of Carrera glasses are a worthwhile investment if you enjoy high-performance or extreme sports,. You'll get both the latest technology and the latest fashion in one sleek, high-tech design.

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