Select Great Kids Glasses

What’s worse for a kid, a plateful of broccoli or having to go to school wearing glasses? We guess the green stuff will seem like ice cream over having to wear glasses.

Buying kid’s glasses is not easy, but there’s a good way to go about this and a painful way. Let’s ignore the painful way.

Kid Glasses – The Easy Way

Want glasses your child will be happy to put on each morning? Give them what they want. Now, we understand that a family’s budget can get in the way, but when given a choice, even a limited choice; kids can usually find their way.

Before letting them run amok in your eye care professional’s office, make sure that you have set the parameters. You need glasses for your child that will last and will fit. Go over with your eye care professional the materials for the frames that are best for kids. Kid’s glasses have a tendency to be treated harshly. They get stepped on, sat on, and hit with kick balls. You want a frame for your kid’s glasses that will take some abuse. Not frames that you tape together every week.

The second thing to do before letting them run amok is to do prep work. With the Internet, doing prep work the night before is easy. Sit down and go through the different choices. This way, kids have an idea what’s available and won’t be surprised when they see the choices at the eye care professional’s office.

Set up a list of choices. The first choice may not be available. Make sure there is a back up.

Finally, don’t force them. This is a tough decision for little minds, even teens to make. For young kids there are any number of icons on glasses, which will make choosing tough. For teens they want to look their best and glasses are another hurdle for them to overcome.

If they need time, let them think about it over night. The important thing is to have them make a decision all of you can live with.

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