Pick the Best Women’s Glasses Frames

Women’s glasses frames, many times, are part of a slew of fashion accessories along with purses, scarves and tiny dogs. But unlike those accessories, eyeglasses have an important function, too. And while getting mauve, titanium, cat’s eye frames to match your new Manolo’s, may seem important it’s more important that the frames fit and function.

Women’s Glasses - Frames and Fit

If the frames don’t fit, there’s no way you’ll wear them. And while those persimmon frames are so sweet, getting a headache isn’t. Make sure they aren’t tight on the temples or slip down off your nose. Both of these can be fixed at your eye care professional’s office

Women’s Glasses - Frames and Function

Who wants to spend a week’s pay on eyeglasses that turn into a quivering ball of Jello after wearing them for a month? Make sure that you are spending your money on quality materials. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is usually true but ask your eye care professional what they think. Crazy, right, ask the professional.

Women’s Glasses - Frames and Fashion

Want leopard print glasses to go with the new slip-ons you bought? How about rhinestones for that Vegas trip? Or maybe a pair of retro glasses to have that educated, but sexy, librarian look. All are possible. And why buy one? If these are truly fashion accessories, get a couple frames.

Before delving deep into what matches your Chihuahua Pookie, make sure the eyeglass frames match your face shape. Then head for the styles.

Remember, if you’re not made of money, these frames are likely to be on your head every day. And while neon green seemed great at the moment, take a breath before buying them. Better yet, ask your eye care professional or bring a friend. Either is likely to give you the straight story on what looks best.

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