Learn How to Fit Eyeglasses

Glasses are a tough change. Especially for those of us who are fashion conscious. We want eyeglass frames that not only fit perfectly but look good, too. Let’s talk about how to fit eyeglasses perfectly.

To do that you must look at your face. We do that all the time but with little regard to its shape. The shape of your face determines the style of frame you should wear.

How to Fit Eyeglasses – Your Face Shape

Find a front-on head shot of you, or have someone take one. What we’re going to do is determine your face shape.

How to Fit Eyeglasses – Determine your face shape

There are seven different face shapes: Round, square, oval, oblong, diamond, triangle and inverted triangle. You may be able to determine your face shape by looking at the picture but there is an easy childhood game that will help. The game is connect the dots. Most everyone has played connect the dots at one time or another.

Look at the picture and with a pen, pencil or fine-tip marker put two dots on either side of the forehead, two at the cheekbones (just below your eyes) and two at your jaw (across from your mouth). Get a ruler and draw a line from one side to the other to connect one forehead dot with the other, one cheekbone dot to the other and one jaw line dot to the other.

How to Fit Eyeglasses – Matching your face to the frames

Look at the dots or measure them if you wish. Your face shape will determine the style of frames you need.

Matching Face shapes to Frames

Round Face

The lines at the cheekbones should be wider than the forehead or the jaw. The face should have no angles. And it should be almost as wide as long. Not a perfect circle but a general circle shape.

Best Frame: You want to lengthen the face. And give it angles. The best frame is one that is rectangular and narrow.

Square Face

The distance between the three sets of dots is about equal and the jaw is squared off at the bottom.

Best Frame: You want to get rid of the angles and put a little curve to the face. Narrow frames with an oval shape are the choice here.

Oval Face

The dots on the cheekbones are the widest point. The face is longer than wide.

Best Frame: This is the easiest face to match. Keep the frames as wide as the face’s widest point and look for rounder, but not circular frames.

Oblong Face

Think rectangle. The face is longer than it is wide and none of the three spots vary much in length. The nose is long, too.

Best Frame: You want to add width to the face and take length off the nose. A roundish or enhanced oval should work well with a low bridge that will shorten the nose.

Diamond Face

Very narrow at the top and bottom but pronounced cheekbones.

Best Frame: Your best feature is the pronounced cheekbones so highlight those and your eyes with oval or even cat’s eye frames.

Triangle Face

The jaw line is more pronounced than the forehead.

Best Frame: The goal is to minimize the width of the cheek and jaw line by using a frame that is wider at the top and possibly decorative. Frames that stretch at the top, possibly cat’s eye will work.

Inverted Triangle Face

This shape is accented by a larger forehead than jaw.

Best Frame: The trick is to add width to the jaw so as to balance out the forehead. Think frames that are wider at the bottom. Rimless or semi-rimless work well as they are invisible at the forehead and won’t add heft to an area that doesn’t need any.

If you have a problem deciding, bring a friend or ask your eye care professional, they should know best how to fit eyeglasses to your face.

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