How to Pick A Good Eyeglass Frame

While we can have it all in accordance to our eyeglass frames, there are a few things to understand more than the love of leopard spots or the color aquamarine.

Eyeglass frame selection must start with the ability to see. For most of us that’s the reason why we’re wearing glasses in the first place. Then there’s comfort and finally fashion. With that in mind, here are the four most overlooked points to eyeglass frame selection.

Eyeglass Frame Selection – Four Overlooked Points

Eyes – Eyeglasses are for your eyes. Your glasses should fit to your eyes. Any frame or lenses should center on your eyes. This is important to consider as not all faces are made alike and eyes are set close together or far apart. Wherever they are, they should be centered in your lenses.

Width – Many of us have seen people with glasses whose frames look as if they’re growing into their skulls. Don’t be that person. Or if you’re that person, stop it. Your frames should fit so that there’s room between the frame and your temples.

Eyebrows – Want to hide them or show them off, they are a line drawn across the bottom of your forehead. The top of the frame should not be over your brow line but a thicker frame can help conceal a thick brow line.

Proportion – Big eyeglasses don’t look good on a small frame, especially a small face. The opposite is the same, little glasses on a big man looks silly.

Now with that done, go grab those checkerboard frames.

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