How to Buy Eyeglass Frames Online

There’s one major pro and one major con when buying eyeglass frames online. Here they are.

The Pro to Buying Eyeglass Frames Online

Cost. That’s it. That’s the pro. It will be significantly cheaper to buy eyeglass frames online. Why is that? Why does my local eye care professional or my mall store charge more?

The answer is simple: They have different and larger costs than an internet site. And they still have to make a profit.

Eyeglass frames are an easy way to make money. Think about the amount of material going into your frames it’s nothing. And most frames are molded or stamped in mass production. They are a cheap product made expensive because they can be. Many times frames are marked up by 300-percent or more. With that type of markup the consumer buys a lot of fancy TV ads.

The Con to Buying Eyeglass Frames Online

Fit. That’s it. That’s the con. You can’t be sure when you buy eyeglass frames online that they’ll fit when they arrive. Yep, you can give them the measurements and you can do the research on the return policy, but if they don’t fit you have issues.

You need your eyeglass frames to fit perfectly. If you buy them from your eyeglass professional or a big-box store, you’ll likely leave with perfectly fitting eyeglasses.

Open the box that arrives overnight and it’s a guessing game whether they fit right. Even if you have the measurements correct, there’s a chance of poor fit. Poor fit doesn’t always mean a lack of comfort; it can affect your eyesight, too.

Let’s be honest, you can’t be perfectly protected from poorly fitting eyeglasses. However, be sure to read the return policy. You want a return policy that will take back your frames at no cost. Many places will do this within a certain time limit (usually 30 days). That said, you won’t be so lucky with your lenses. Return policies on lenses are generally 50-percent refunded. That’s tough to swallow for not getting the right fit.

The Fine Print of Buying Eyeglass Frames Online

There are several other parts of the machinery to consider before buying eyeglass frames and lenses online.


Everyone, even the fashion blind or uncaring, wants to look good. It’s hard to tell how you will look with a pair of glasses before trying them on in front of a mirror. Please read the return policy before buying.


Any time you mention buying something online, security becomes part of the discussion. Make sure you’re dealing with a real business, not something run out of a garage. Find the phone number dial it. Bigger Internet sites are better than smaller ones – security wise. It’s not only your eyes but your money.


Shipping and handling is an extra cost; one that can be shopped. Make sure to check prices on shipping. Many sites will ship free using US Mail.


If you have your measurements and know what you want, the Internet provides a perfect shopping environment: Point, click, wait and open the box of new eyeglasses. If not, the Internet can take a while as you peruse the hundreds of styles available kid in a candy store is applicable.

Buying Eyeglass Frames Online – The Last Word

If cost is an issue, and for many people it can be, the Internet will save you money much money. If cost isn’t an issue, the customer service of the local eye care professional may be worth the extra dollars. However, both systems offer unique advantages over the other and what’s right for you may not be right for someone else.

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