Get the Best Eyeglass Styles

There is a revolution afoot in the eyeglass industry. Suddenly, eyeglasses are stylish. And with a myriad of eyeglass styles available in many different materials and lenses, the choices for consumers are endless.

Eyeglass Styles – Materials

Frames are mainly made of plastic and metal, however many materials are available. This includes wood or even hypoallergenics, like titanium and stainless steel.

Zyl, which is a composite of wood, cottonseed and plastics, is the most common frame because it can take on the most colors and styles.

Titanium is not only hypoallergenic, but lightweight and rust-resistant. The problems with titanium are that it is tough to color and expensive.

Nylon is used for sports and safety glasses. It doesn’t take color very well.

Aluminum makes light, strong glasses that are easy to color and not overly expensive. It can’t be welded so it is limited to the use of screws and rivets. Anyone losing an eyeglass screw knows the issue with screws.

Eyeglass Styles – Frames

The biggest advance in eyeglass styles is frame styles. With the influx of fashion designers, frame styles have taken off.

There are three base styles: full, rimless and semi-rimless, but off those styles anything the imagination can conjure is available.

Frames have become accessories. They can be changed to suit one’s mood or their attire. Want color, get frames with color. Want jewels or decorations, add jewels or decoration. Want something that makes you look smart or alluring, the styles are out there. Eyeglass styles have gone the way of coffee, instead of a half decaf, non-fat soy with a wisp of caramel; you can get a semi-rimless, cat’s eye with rhinestones. Think it and they will make it.

Eyeglass Styles – Lenses

Lenses have taken on style, too. The first major step has been to make lenses thinner. People with severe sight problems aren’t limited to overly thick lenses any longer.

Not only thinner, but lighter and many lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is resistant to scratches. However, nothing says style more than colored lenses. Now lenses can darken in bright light. And switch back when the light is lower. Or you can add to your eyeglass style with a permanent tint. Make mine rose-colored.

Colored lenses have a medical option, too. People with sensitivity to light or with low vision issues may use colored lenses to actually help their vision what a thought.

Have fun with your glasses. If you’re not sure what looks best, ask a friend or your eye care professional. They’ll be happy to help.

Eyeglass Styles for Men, Women, and Children

Eyeglass frames vary from men to women and especially children. Each style is designed to heighten different gender features and tailored to traditional likes. Therefore, when shopping for sunglasses make sure to look for gender-specific styles.

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