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If you’re shopping for eyeglass frames, you’ll be surprised how many different materials, shapes, and styles you have to choose from. Eyeglass frame design is very diverse and borrows from many different eras. Retro frames offer a vintage look that is distinct to a long-since-gone era while modern frames offer new shapes and styles.

If you’re looking to push the envelope with your eyeglass frames, read through the following eyeglass frame guides, discover what options are available to you, and learn how to select the right frames for you.


If you want to discover amazing cutting edge eyeglass frame styles and designs, check out some of today’s popular designer brands. Each brand offers its own level of style and variations in frame design. Learn more about Designer Eyeglass Frames.

Buying Eyeglasses Online

The Internet is a great place to search for deals on eyeglass frames. Most optometrists will fit your prescription lenses in frames. However, you do need to check before you buy lenses from a separate provider. Learn all about buying eyeglasses online.

How to Fit Yourself for Frames

Fitting yourself for frames takes some time. It goes beyond selecting a style that goes with your look. You need to first establish what shape your face is and discover what eyeglass frames fit that shape. Learn how to fit yourself for frames.

Frame Styles

Eyeglass frame styles vary from brand to brand. The best way to choose a frame style is to match your skin, eye, and hair color with a frame shade or color that accents your face’s natural features. Learn more about types of eyeglass frames.

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