The Legendary Style of Calvin Klein Eyeglasses

Calvin Klein eyeglasses are manufactured by Marchon Eyewear Inc. Marchon has been making eyeglasses since 1983. They also manufacture glasses for Michael Kors, Pucci, Fendi, and other luxury brands. The company has design centers in Italy and New York; although Calvin Klein designs his line of eyeglasses himself in order to ensure that they complement every other facet of his brand.

Calvin Klein Eyeglasses – True Designer Fashions

As a former collector of antique eyewear, Klein understands the elements that transform a pair of glasses into a fashion accessory. He’s been creating fashion for decades, starting with his line of women’s coats in the 1970s. He established the concept of designer jeans with his legendary 1980 commercial featuring Brook Shields.

As a wearer of his own line of glasses, Klein considers them a "key accessory." He not only designs the glasses in
his line, he also chooses the colors and materials so they conform to his total fashion vision. If you wear his
clothing, then you can also find a pair of Calvin Klein glasses to complement both your style and your face.

Calvin Klein Eyeglass Frame Materials and Styles

Every pair of Calvin Klein eyeglass frames has the sleek, modern style you associate with his name and clothing. His
frames are available in over 100 styles, including men's, women's, and reading glasses.

Frames are available in oval, round, and rectangular shapes, so you can be confident your glasses suit your face and features perfectly. The glasses are made of acetate, stainless steel, and ultra thin beta titanium. Frame colors range from bright jewel tones to subtle metal hues. They are available with plastic or wire rims. He also designs semi-rimless and rimless styles.

Hollywood's Love Affair with Calvin Klein

In 1980, nothing came between Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein jeans. Today, nothing comes between Hollywood celebrities and their Calvin Klein eyeglasses. Alicia Keys has sported his sunglasses down the red carpet. Geena Davis wore two styles of his eyeglasses in the movie Stuart Little. The glasses have appeared in countless other movies and television shows, as well as on the famous faces you see in magazines.

If you want your glasses to make a fashion statement, or want glasses that accent your personal style without overwhelming it, choose a pair of Calvin Klein glasses. They're functional, fashionable, and available at a price you can afford.

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