Find Vera Wang Eyeglasses

Finding Vera Wang eyeglasses can be easy if you know where to look. The internet not only has Vera Wang frames for sale, but also can point you in the direction of a Vera Wang retailer so you can try on the frames before you buy them. Vera Wang designs are beautiful, but a little unconventional. By trying the glasses on in the store, you can assure yourself that the curve of the design will bring out your best features instead of detracting from your face.

The Design of Vera Wang Eyeglasses

Vera Wang established herself with her luxury wedding gown collection when she opened her bridal boutique at the Carlyle Hotel in New York in 1990. Since then she has become renowned for her designs that are both modern and elegant. As she has expanded her brand to ready-to-wear clothing, fragrances, jewelry, shoes, home collections, and eyewear, she has only solidified her reputation for sophistication and style.

Vera Wang eyeglasses have the same grace and beauty as other Vera Wang lines. The frames gracefully flatter the face, while also adding a bit of flair and style. With names like Curve and Poet, each frame seems to have been designed with the name in mind. Picking a pair of Vera Wang eyeglasses can be as easy as finding the name you most identify with. And browsing through the collection can be just as fun as searching for names.

To ensure quality, only premium materials are used to make each frame. Handmade zyl, or acetate; monel, a stainless metal alloy; and titanium make up the body of Vera Wang designs. Colors range from classic to fun and include hues that will complement a variety of skin tones.

Stars and Vera Wang Eyeglasses

No celebrities have confirmed wearing Vera Wang glasses, but plenty are proud to wear her brand. Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan, and Tyra Banks have been spotted wearing her designs. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Thalia, Avril Lavigne, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Garner have all walked down the aisle in her wedding dresses.

A pair of Vera Wang frames can be worn more often than a wedding dress and are more practical than a designer gown, but they put you in good company with your favorite stars. Vera Wang eyeglasses are more expensive than most frames, but with excellent quality and durable materials, you can enjoy your stylish glasses for years to come.

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