Designer Brooks Brothers Eyeglasses

Brooks Brothers has long been known for their classic menswear. This iconic style carries through to their
eyeglasses. The oldest clothing retailer in the United States, Brooks Brothers stands by their commitment to the
traditions and values that have been the backbone of their company for almost 200 years. Brooks Brothers eyeglasses
are imbued with the same history and style. They also add a subtle, classic accent to your personal style.

The Design of Brooks Brothers Eyeglasses

Whether rounded or square, Brooks Brothers eyeglasses are simple and elegant. These subtle shapes are complemented
by thin metal or acetate frames. The scant use of these materials not only adheres to the classic Brooks
Brothers design, but keeps the frames lightweight as well. Don’t let their slight appearance fool you, though; Brooks Brothers eyeglasses are known for their durability. Metal frames come in classic colors like black, shades of brown from amber to marble, and pewter. The acetate Brooks Brothers eyeglasses have a wider range of colors, but are still muted and versatile. Cream and brick red, in addition to the standby blacks, grays, and browns, give you a
distinctive look that doesn't detract from your facial features or clash with your clothing.

The Value of Brooks Brothers Eyeglasses

When you buy a pair of Brooks Brothers frames, you know you're investing in a legacy of quality and style. Made
of the highest quality materials, the frames are designed to complement your face while providing comfort and
flexibility. Brooks Brothers' frames are certainly not the cheapest glasses available, but the value is very
high for the price.

Brooks Brothers Eyeglasses Celebrity Pedigree

The Brooks Brothers brand has long been associated with class and luxury. Before Brooks Brothers began making eyeglasses they were already famous for dressing Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and a bevy of other American presidents. Other notable customers include Andy Warhol and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Hollywood has often asked Brooks Brothers to dress their movie stars. Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor, Will Smith in Ali, and Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report all sport Brooks Brothers attire on camera. Who knows which bespectacled celebrity is wearing the same Brooks Brothers frames that you’ve been considering?

Brooks Brothers eyeglasses are an excellent choice if you seek a tailored look that adds distinction. Long sought after in American circles, the Brooks Brothers brand promises eyeglasses that will be stylish for years to come.

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