Choosing Polo Eyeglasses

In 1967, Ralph Lauren started with a few boxes of ties and a vision for a classic, American look. A look that would clothe the modern male and also decorate his home and define his lifestyle. Over 35 years later, Ralph Lauren has become a household name and the signature Polo image remains one of timeless elegance and charm.

Polo eyeglasses share the same heritage as the Ralph Lauren clothing and home furnishing lines, which is a design with attention to quality, comfort, and style. There's consideration put into the way each pair of glasses frames your face, in accordance with the idea that accessories and clothes are not as important as the world and lifestyle that they complement.

Polo Eyeglasses: Styles and Shapes

Polo frames come in many different shapes and sizes, each as distinctive and stylish as the next. Crafted from high-quality metals and plastics, these frames coordinate well with both classic styles and modern designs. Look for rimless and semi-rimless glasses for a discreet frame that complements rather than competes with your face and wardrobe. In addition, for added durability, many have Flex hinges, which help when removing your glasses by pulling them away from your ears as opposed to lifting them from your nose.

Polo eyeglasses are the ultimate in American fashion. If you choose Polo frames, they will add distinction to your style for years to come.

Polo Eyeglasses of the Rich and Famous

The Polo brand has been an icon for the good life since the 1960s. It is hard to say how many celebrity faces Polo eyeglasses have graced, but model number PH 2011 appears to pay homage to Woody Allen. In the 1977 film Annie Hall, both Woody Allen and Diane Keaton wore the Ralph Lauren brand exclusively, giving new life to the already successful brand.

In 1974, Paramount Studios asked Ralph Lauren to design the men's costumes for THE GREAT GATSBY, and although he did not require Polo eyeglasses, Robert Redford's pink suit epitomized 1920's style and led to a revival of the era in Ralph Lauren's designs.

Although, most noted for his country club style, Ralph Lauren's Polo eyeglasses are chic fashion statements that will complement the rest of your wardrobe, whether you stuff your closet with retro jeans and T-shirts or designer suits.

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