All-American Style - Tommy Hilfiger Eyeglasses

Tommy Hilfiger, known for classic, casual, all-American designs typified in his red, white, and blue hues, brings a fresh perspective to all his designs. That perspective is evident whether he's designing clothing, footwear, or accessories. His line of eyewear continues the contemporary yet timeless brand image he established with his first menswear line.

Tommy Hilfiger Eyeglasses – American Design and Quality

The Viva International group manufactures the Tommy Hilfiger eyeglass collection; the glasses are designed in New Jersey and Italy. Each frame features Hilfiger's trademark flag logo as well as his name logo. The Tommy Hilfiger eyewear line originally launched with men's eyewear in 1996. The TH collection, featuring frames for men and women, launched in 2005, includes a wide range of both eyeglass and sunglass styles.

The frames in his line are constructed of plastic or metal, and sometimes an innovative combination of the two. To ensure durability, he uses only the highest quality materials. The temples feature spring hinges to reduce wear. This is especially important if you tend to remove your glasses by pulling them to the side instead of lifting them from the front.

The men and women's frames are available in round, rectangular, and oval shapes to complement all face shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer rimmed, semi-rimless, or rimless eyeglasses, there is a pair of Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses that suits your style.

The Tommy Hilfiger Story

Tommy Hilfiger began his career in fashion by selling jeans. He next owned a small chain of retail clothing stores. Inspired by those experiences, he taught himself fashion design and debuted his first line of menswear in 1985. He expanded to womenswear in 1996, making him one of the few menswear designers with a women's line.

His rich use of color makes both his clothing and eyewear popular with celebrities. Despite this, his clothes remain affordable for the average American who values style and quality over economy. In keeping with his upper-middle-class demographic, Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses are also eminently affordable.

The Tommy Hilfiger Story

Tommy Hilfiger was permanently marked as “cool” when Snoop Dogg wore one his trademark t-shirts on Saturday Night Live in 1994. More recently, professional golfer Nick Dougherty became the face of his golf line. He also wears Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses and sunglasses. Hilfiger's line of eyewear has been featured on countless television shows and has graced the silver screen.

If you enjoy his classic styles and contemporary colors, you'll definitely enjoy Tommy Hilfiger eyeglasses.

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