A Reference Guide to Conventional Contact Lenses

Like the horse and buggy, the conventional contact lens, or vial contact, was the original workaround to eyeglasses. They’ve since lost favor to the “new” kid on the block the disposable.

Conventional Contact Lenses – Why They’re Dinosaurs

The two main reasons people and eye care professionals walked away from conventional contact lenses are: health and convenience.

Conventional Contact Lenses and Health Issues:

Fresh, sterile contact lenses have it way over conventional contact lenses that may be worn for a year or longer. Each new lens is a fresh start, where a conventional contact lens wearer must clean them on a nightly basis. No matter how meticulous, there is always the chance of infection the longer you wear a pair of contacts.

The Convenience of Conventional Contact Lenses:

Um, hello, lots of rubbing and scrubbing come along for the ride with conventional contact lenses. Not having to worry about six months of protein buildup can help a body sleep at night. And get to bed earlier, too.

Why Conventional Contact Lenses are Necessary

People with special eye issues many times can’t use disposables. Conventional contact lenses take care of that area. Want a toric lens with a specific color? You might be heading to the conventional contact lens aisle.

Conventional contact lenses cover more bases.

However, for the far greater percentage of the populace, disposables are easier and healthier.

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