How to Wear Disposable Contacts

Disposable contacts took hold in 1987 and have shot to the top of the charts quickly. Two reasons for their popularity: health and convenience.

Health and Disposable Contacts

The health aspect of disposable contacts can’t be ignored as frequent changing of contacts minimizes the buildup of proteins, which make contact lenses difficult to wear.

Daily disposable contact lenses are the healthiest as there is no buildup of protein. But most disposables reduce the risk of protein buildup.

Convenience of Disposable Contacts

The convenience aspect of daily disposable contacts is obvious no cleaning, no cleaning products, and no storage.

What all disposable contacts have in common are a couple things. They have a certain replacement schedule – replace them daily, weekly or monthly. Following the replacement schedule is important and trying to stretch the schedule is like trying to go an extra week on that gallon of milk.

Your eye care professional will set up wear and replacement schedules. They will also steer you to the best possible contact, whether it’s a daily or a monthly. Follow their advice and your partnership with disposable contacts should be a friendly one.

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