How Colored Contact Lenses Work

Colored contact lenses are, for the most part, a fashion accessory that has little or no vision importance. That said; the ability to change one’s eye color can be fun and had in both prescription contact lenses and non-prescription or plano lenses.

There are three main types of colored contact lenses and all work differently for different people.

Enhancement Lenses

Enhancement colored contact lenses are translucent and best used by people with light colored eyes that wish to brighten the original color of their eyes. The light passes through the colored contact lens and reflects the eye color back through the lens. These lenses don’t work with darker eye colors.

Opaque Color Tints

Because these are opaque your natural eye color won’t come into play. These colored contact lenses will change the color of the wearer If you have dark eyes opaque colored contact lenses will change eye color to any of the available colors. Most choose either green or blue.

Light-Filtering Tints

Colored contact lenses that are light-filtering are made specifically with sports in mind. These lenses will make the wearer able to see a tennis ball, golf ball or baseball more clearly. Light-filtering lenses for skiers and other sports that need intense glare filtered are on the way.

Have fun with changing eye color to match a new ensemble or to how you feel that day. A couple things to remember: even plano lenses need a prescription and you should never share your contact lenses, even if they are plano with anyone. It’s one of the easiest ways to get an eye infection.

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