An Introduction to Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses are the most popular type of contact lens worn today. Designed for short-term use during waking hours, disposable contacts bridge the best of both worlds in regards to convenience and health. Depending on their structure, disposable contact lenses may be exchanged for new on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Why Disposable Contact Lenses

Choosing a type of contact lens is a personal decision. Many factors, including cost and comfort, will come into play. Disposable contact lenses may not work for everyone but their benefits outweigh any harm. The two major areas of benefit are health and convenience.

Health Benefits of Disposable Contact Lenses

Wearing any contact lens leaves the wearer open to infection due to the lack of oxygen reaching the cornea. Soft lenses have reduced that risk to some extent but the chance of corneal infection is still high.

The best chance of avoiding a corneal infection is with a daily disposable contact lens. Reason being is that a daily disposable is tossed away likely before bacteria have had a chance to take over.

Not everyone will want to pay extra for the ultimate convenience of daily disposable contact lenses. However, changing contact lenses more often is the road to eye health and the frequency with which disposable contact lenses are changed should help in keeping the wearer’s eyes in better shape.

Convenience of Disposable Contact Lenses

Is there anything more convenient than tossing a contact lens away on a daily basis? No. There’s no cleaning or buying of cleaning products. And because they’re daily disposable contacts you don’t have to even consider how long you’ve worn them. It is the best of all solutions.

Secondary to daily disposable contact lenses are lenses with a shorter shelf life. Yes, you still have to clean them but costs are less and care is easier. Also, with all disposables, any problem with the contact, like a tear, means tossing them away and popping in another.

Plus, if contacts are a secondary eyewear option, having disposable contact lenses is a very reasonable backup plan.

Disposable Contact Lens Issues

Disposable contact lenses cost more, are less durable and won’t fix every vision problem. These are all considerations, though most are minor.

The bigger issue with disposable contact lenses is the people wearing them. They are made for a certain length of time and many people try to stretch another week or month out of them increasing the risk of infection or irritation.

In the end, outside of those with an unusual prescription, disposable contact lenses are a great solution to most people with vision issues.

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