Correct Astigmatisms with Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are for those people with astigmatism. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is more cylindrical than spherical. This misshaping of the cornea causes the light entering the eye to refract unevenly forcing a person’s vision to blur slightly. This is quite common, as over one in three people have astigmatism. Unlike other vision issues, astigmatisms generally don’t get worse over time.

Toric Contact Lenses – The Fix

The difference between toric contact lenses and spherical contact lenses is the shape and the way they fit the eyeball. On a spherical contact lens the lens is round; on a toric contact lens the lens is more cylindrical. Because the astigmatism changes the way light refracts, the cylindrical shape of the toric contact lens compensates for that problem.

There was a time when toric contact lenses only came in RGP (rigid gas permeable) materials. Now toric contact lenses can be made with all the same combinations as spherical lenses. These include not only disposable, extended wear or colors but also multifocal.

Toric Contact Lenses – The Issues

While there are numerous benefits to those individuals with astigmatisms, toric contact lenses carry a couple issues, as well. The major ones are:

High Cost of Toric Contact Lenses

There are two areas where toric contact lenses will put a hurt on your wallet. The drain starts at the eye care professional. The fitting is likely to take more time with a toric contact lens than a spherical lens. Time is money.

Toric lenses themselves will cost more money at the checkout. Possibly a good amount more.

Not all Toric Contact Lenses are Alike

One of the complications with toric contact lenses is that the lens needs to sit in place on the wearer’s eye. Shifting of the lens may cause some vision difficulties.

This can come into play when choosing RGP or soft lenses. RGP lenses do a better job of holding their shape, which assures the wearer brighter vision.

This may not happen to everyone.

Despite these issues, toric contact lenses are the choice for those with astigmatism.

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