Advice for Using Extended Wear Contacts

Extended wear contacts are made to be worn 24 hours a day. While that would seem to make sense over taking them out and cleaning them every night, the risk is eye infections.

Origins of Extended Wear Contacts

We went through this once in the 1980’s when extended wear contacts were first approved by the FDA. Then wearers were attacked by all manner of things in the night and the FDA rescinded its approval.

Changes in Wearing Contacts

The two biggest changes since then were disposable contacts and the advent of silicone hydrogel. With disposables the wearer can bounce the contacts into the trash after a week and start with a fresh pair. The advent of silicone hydrogel meant more oxygen to the eyes which also meant fewer health issues.

However, there are still health concerns and those that opt for extended wear contacts should follow their eye care professional’s instructions closely.

Make sure to take a good look at your eyes, any redness or irritation should send you to your eye care professional immediately.

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