Learn More About Frequency 55 Toric Contacts

CooperVision is dedicated to producing quality contacts lenses with an emphasis on premium specialty lenses. Their
line of Frequency® Contacts gives you a range of lenses that are exceptionally comfortable and offer great vision
quality. With Frequency® 55 Toric contacts to correct astigmatism and Frequency® 55 Multifocal contacts as a
replacement for bifocal glasses, CooperVision makes great contacts for a variety of vision correction needs.

Frequency Contact Lenses

Other Lenses for Astigmatism

In addition to their Frequency® 55 Toric Contacts and Frequency® 55 Toric Contacts XR, Cooper Vision offers
other lenses for people suffering from astigmatism:

Whatever your vision, CooperVision offers a wide range of lenses for every prescription and almost every eye
condition. Check out the CooperVision website to learn more about contacts for those with dry lens, far-sighted
vision, multifocal glasses, or near-sighted vision. You can also find a local eye doctor that can fit you with a
pair of Frequency® 55 Toric Contacts or Frequency® 55 Toric Contacts XR.

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