Freshen Your Eye Color with FreshLook Contacts

FreshLook® Contacts make it possible to change your eye color as easily as changing your hair color. FreshLook® Contacts, a CIBA Vision product, are color contacts that can change your eye color to a completely different shade or simply brighten and deepen your current color. You can use colored lenses to alter the look of your eyes even if you don't need vision correction.

The FreshLook® Color Collection

FreshLook® lenses are available in three styles, depending on your natural eye color.

FreshLook® also offers One-Day Color Contacts in four shades so you can change your eye color without making a
commitment to a single shade.

Where to Buy FreshLook® Contacts

FreshLook® Contact Lenses are only available through an eye care professional. Even if you don't need vision
correction, an eye doctor must examine your eyes and write a prescription for the lenses. For those who do need
vision correction, the lenses are available in a wide range of prescription strengths and some can correct
astigmatism. Although the contacts are colored, they don't alter or enhance the way you see color.

Your optometrist can help you select the right color based on your eye color, hair color, skin tone, and desired
degree of change or you can take the online quiz at the FreshLook® website. Most optometrists can also give you a
free trial pair so you can make sure you like your new look before you buy a box.

With daily wear and nightly cleaning, each lens can last up to two weeks. They are sold in boxes of six and
unopened lenses will last for several months when stored properly. If you can't choose one color, get two so you can
change your eye color whenever the mood strikes. With One-Day lenses or disposable lenses useful for up to two
weeks, you can add sparkle to your eyes for an important work presentation, then choose a dramatic new color
for a night on the town.

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