Focus DAILIES Contacts – All Day Comfort

Focus® DAILIES® contact lenses are single-use lenses manufactured by CIBA Vision. You put them on in the
morning, and then throw them out at night. When you wear Focus® daily disposable lenses, you start every day with a
fresh pair of lenses to ensure clear vision and maximum comfort. Because you only wear them one time, daily disposables are considered the safest and healthiest way to wear contact lenses.

Focus® DAILIES® Technology

Focus® DAILIES® lenses feature AquaRelease technology. AquaRelease is a moisturizing agent that
releases a small amount of liquid each time you blink. The moisture prevents your eyes from drying out even if you
spend hours staring at a computer.

Focus® DAILIES® contact lenses are also tinted a very faint blue to make it easier to handle and insert
them. The tint doesn't alter the color of your eyes or your vision.

Daily Disposable Contact Lens Options

Focus® DAILIES® contacts are available in three styles. All three styles include the AquaRelease technology and are intended for one-day use. The three styles are:

The Advantages of Daily Disposable Lenses

If you suffer from recurring eye infections, then daily disposable lenses may be ideal for you. By throwing them out each day, you avoid re-infecting your eyes with tainted lenses or introducing dirt into the lens during cleaning or storage. You also avoid clouded vision because protein deposits don’t build up on the surface of the lens. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about enzymatic cleaning or overnight lens storage ever again.

The AquaRelease moistening technology reduces eye fatigue and dryness by keeping your eyes moist throughout the day. If you work in a climate-controlled environment, you know how dry your eyes can get after several hours in contact lenses.

At your next eye exam, ask your optometrist if daily disposable lenses are a good choice for you and request a prescription for Focus® DAILIES®.

If you're interested in other contact lens options like colored lenses, CIBA Vision produces several brands of contacts, including FreshLook One-Day colored contacts.

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