Learn How to Buy Contact Lenses Online

There’s nothing more convenient than sitting in the old easy chair, dialing up a website and buying contact lenses online. Just tell them what you want, in what supply and slap your credit card down… couple days Paul the Postman is at your door with new contact lenses.

For those of us who are seasoned Internet buyers, buying contact lenses online is as easy as 123. But like anything, there’s a good way to buying contact lenses online and there’s a bad way.

Information You Need to Buy Contacts Lenses Online

Before even typing in the web address answer this question.

Is your contact lens prescription current?

This is important for any number of reasons. If it isn’t current, you should not be able to buy contact lenses. Contact lens sales are regulated by the FDA and the FTC, anyone willing to sell you contact lenses online is breaking the law and may not have quality contact lenses.

I can hear the question from here, “How do I know my contact lens prescription is current?” The prescription for how to buy contact lenses comes with an expiration date.

Not only should the contact lens seller check to see that your prescription hasn’t expired, but they should get in touch with the eye care professional that wrote the prescription and check the prescription’s validity.

And, if the prescription isn’t current or is about to expire, you should be at your eye care professionals door updating the prescription or getting your eyes re-examined.

Am I buying contact lenses online from a quality company?

There are a few things to consider before pressing “purchase.”

*Credit Card Security

*Quality of Contact lenses

*Customer Service



You could flip-flop the first two as each are equally important, but to us having a bad guy run up thousands of dollars of charges is more painful than getting the wrong prescription or defect contact lenses. Most of us could get in the car and schlep down to the local pharmacy if we need contact lenses immediately. But it might be tough to buy food if our bank account has been drained by a shoddy contact lens supplier.

Credit Card Security/Quality of Contact Lenses

Let’s be honest about online security issues; you likely will never be truly secure when you buy contact lenses online. However, it is just as easy to have issues handing your credit card to someone at the local pharmacy. We’re not paranoid, but a bad person is a bad person and not all live on the Internet.

One way to feel secure is to go with a name brand supplier. If you see them advertising on television or have big ads in magazines or major newspapers they’re likely reputable. That doesn’t mean they won’t have issues with quality, customer service, or sloppy shipping performance, just possibly more secure than someone working out of their garage.

Another way to check company quality is to search online shopping sites. If your top choices are all five-star resellers, then the issue may come down to availability and price.

Customer Service When You Buy Contact Lenses Online

For us, when deciding between like companies customer service is king. Read the return policy. When mistakes are made how easy will it be to rectify? How quickly will you get new contacts? You may not find out how good they follow through until there is an issue but knowing what you’re getting into beforehand might help.

If you’re thinking price first; security, quality and service second, at the least check to see that they have a phone number, an address and find out what you can about them on the Internet. Price many times is an issue we can’t overcome and the cheapest price is what drives the sale but remember that, in the long run, spending a few pennies more for quality is usually pennies saved.

Availability of Contact Lenses

This is where bigger is going to beat smaller almost every time. There are millions of different contact lens combinations and when you buy contact lenses online or offline, for that matter, not all combinations will be available. However, if you have a special combination it is more likely to be readily available at one of the bigger companies.

Price Comparison

Unlike offline, online price comparison is easy. A couple clicks of the mouse takes you from site to site. A few quick tips on price comparison.

Get the whole price. This should include shipping, handling and any other hidden fees.

Check prices on different quantities. One site might be less expensive when buying a single box but when buying eight boxes another site might be cheaper.

Check for free shipping. Some Internet sites give free shipping immediately, some after a certain size purchase. It could be less expensive to buy more and get free shipping on a per contact basis than to buy less.

And before you walk away, how about rebates, coupons or sales? A sale is the perfect time to buy extra.

The Last Word on How to Buy Contact Lenses Online

Price may be the first determinant for most of us when deciding where, what and how many to buy. But before leaping to grab a few nickels in savings, take the time to do your homework. Don’t buy from someone working out of their garage because they promise the lowest prices. Peace of mind has a price, as well.

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