Instructions for Cleaning Contact Lenses

Cleaning contacts lenses is a necessity of owning contacts. Contact lenses that aren’t clean will likely transmit bacteria causing infections and ulcers. The good news is that with the advent of disposable contact lenses, cleaning contacts is a simpler process.

Step by Step Instructions for Cleaning Contact Lenses

This is a general guideline to cleaning contact lenses but not all contact lenses are alike, so follow the instructions given by your eye care professional.

Clean Hands Clean Contacts:

The first part of cleaning contact lenses starts with removing the contacts. That means washing and drying your hands and closing any sink drains.

Rinsing and Rubbing:

Placing the contact lens in the palm of your hand, rinse it with the prescribed cleaning solution. After rinsing, then place a few drops of the solution on the lens and rub it. Not all contact lenses will need the rubbing step, please follow the steps recommended by your eye care professional. After rubbing, repeat the rinsing step to remove any loosened debris. Contact lenses pick up all manner of gunk not only from your eyes but from the outside world, so cleaning contact lenses is not a minor detail.

Storing your Contacts:

Once cleaned, place your contact lenses in a clean lens container and fill the lens container with the correct amount of contact lens disinfectant. Disinfecting will help prevent any bacteria from populating and causing issues in the future.

A Guide of Products for Cleaning Contact Lenses

There are a multitude of products able to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. As always listen to what your eye care professional recommends with regards to all facets of wearing and cleaning contact lenses.

Multipurpose Solutions:

As its name implies, multipurpose cleaning solutions serve multi purposes. They can be used for rinsing, disinfecting and cleaning contact lenses.

Saline Solutions:

These are used for rinsing the lens.

Daily Cleaners:This solution is for cleaning the lens. Generally, it is rubbed onto both sides of the lens for twenty seconds. This is not used for rinsing or disinfecting.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Used for disinfecting the contact lenses, these are available in one and two-step delivery systems. The two step solution must be neutralized before wearing the contact lens. Some solutions will have a neutralizing solution built in, others with have a tablet.

Enzyme Tablets:

These tablets are used to get rid of proteins and the cleaning process is usually done on a weekly basis.

Seven General Contact Lens Care Tips

Here are a few must tips on handling and caring for your contact lens.

1.) Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses.

2.) All contacts are not alike, clean and store as recommended.

3.) Never use water or saliva to clean contacts.

4.) Clean your contacts after every use.

5.) Clean your lens container after every use.

6.) Discard your lens container on a monthly basis.

7.) Handle your contact lenses with care, they tear easily.

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