Advice about Wearing Contact Lens

Wearing contacts lenses can be a test of one’s fortitude. Honestly, is there anything more frightening than putting in contact lenses? Okay, there is, but think about the process, pulling down an eyelid and jamming a very large foreign object into your eye. A hair or a small piece of dust is a huge irritant to your eye and now here comes a salad bowl sounds crazy.

But that’s exactly what needs to be done to get past glasses and into a pair of contacts. Like anything else, there’s the right way and wrong way. What follows are the right ways to insert and remove your contacts.

Wearing Contact Lenses – Five Steps on Inserting

Wearing contact lenses may seem daunting at first, but with practice, inserting contact lenses will become easy.

Wash and dry your hands:

Clean hands bring less bacteria to the party and dry hands make handling easier as soft lenses may stick to wet hands.

Close all drains:

The term “down the drain” is almost never positive. Inserting and wearing contact lenses should be as free from profanity as possible.

Make it a ritual:

If you’re right-handed, start with your right eye and contact lens. If you’re left-handed, go the other way. Rituals are easy to remember and will make wearing contact lenses much easier.

Right side out is best:

Putting your contacts in backwards won’t allow you to see into the future. Check your contacts to make sure they’re right side out. An inside out contact lens will have a flared rim. Some lenses will have a color tint or a laser marking to help you decide which end is up.

Ready for launch:

Put the contact lens on your fingertip. Using the middle finger of your other hand, hold the upper eyelid. Then using the middle finger of the inserting hand, pull the lower eyelid down.

While looking up, place the contact lens on the lower part of your eye. To position the contact, look down, then release your eyelids and close your eye for a second. At this point you’re wearing contact lenses, all you have to do now is make sure they’re centered, which can be achieved by blinking a few times.

Wearing Contact Lenses – Three Steps for Removal

Removing contact lenses is not as traumatic as inserting contacts.

Wash and dry your hands:

Clean hands bring less bacteria to the party. When wearing contact lenses, avoiding bacteria and foreign matter makes for a happy experience.

Close all drains:

You’re as likely to drop the contact lens coming out as going in.

Look up it’ll be over soon:

Looking up, use the middle finger of either hand to pull down your lower eyelid. Use the index finger of that hand to slide the lens to the lower white part of your eye, and then grasp it with your index finger and thumb. Done. Now you have to go clean them.

Wearing contact lenses is that easy.

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