20 Contact Lens Care Tips

Let’s say something obvious and stupid about contact lens care: you only get one pair of eyes. Okay, with that out of our system and you properly admonished, we can move on with all the contact lens care and handling tips.

20 Contact Lens Care and Handling Tips

1.) Wash and Dry Your Hands – Not once but every time you handle your contacts. Even during removal. Use warm soapy water and a clean towel. Much of the dirt, grime and gunk comes from the wearer.

2.) Only use lens cleaners and drops that your eye care professional has suggested.

3.) Follow directions: the directions from the lenses, the lens cleaners, the drops and from your eye care professional.

4.) Clean your contact lens case after every usage. Let dry before use. Get rid of the lens case every month.

5.) Look at your contact lenses before applying them. If they flare out instead of looking like a cup, they’re inside out.

6.) Don’t change contact lens solutions or drops without clearing it with your eye care professional.

7.) Use makeup that is safe for contact lenses.

8.) Don’t use water to clean your lenses; even distilled water may have tiny varmints.

9.) This should be obvious – don’t spit on your lenses or put them in your mouth to clean them - cleaning your contact lenses isn’t like coming up to the plate in a baseball game.

10.) Don’t mix contact cleaning solutions.

11.) Take your lenses off before swimming or entering a hot tub.

12.) Don’t sleep in your daily or non-extended wear contacts. Even a nap could lead to problems. When you’re sleeping it is more difficult to get oxygen to your eyes. Your contact lenses may also become dry and stick to your eyes.

13.) Don’t wear any lenses past their expiration date. Dailies are for one day, not two.

14.) If you develop any eye issues - redness, itching or blurry vision – take the contact lenses out and call your eye care professional.

15.) Don’t wear someone else’s contact lenses. Even with non-prescription color lenses, you don’t know where their eyes have been.

16.) Contact lenses make a wearer’s eyes more sensitive to sunlight. Wear sunglasses or a nice hat when out in the sun.

17.) Keep eyes lubricated with a rewetting solution suggested by your eye care professional.

18.) Put in contacts before applying makeup. This will make it easier to avoid contamination.

19.) Remove your contacts before removing makeup.

20.) Don’t let the tip of the solution bottle touch anything, not even your fingers. If the tip of the bottle becomes contaminated the solution may become contaminated.

Ask your eye care professional if you’re confused about what you should do.

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